Before the darkness

Freckles of joy

caressing my agitated nipples

just before the darkness.

Dark and brazened,

my foot trots towards the dark alley.

Dead are my instincts,

melted by molten hatred,

hardened by gale of passion.


I push on

knowing not what creeps

in the blinding darkness.


Introducing Me: the man of the spirits

Collectively we have reached the point where truth meets falsehood, where cold meets hot, where valour meets cowardice, where progress meets retrogression. We have indeed reached the meeting point – Orita meta.

Orita meta is the converging point. It is the place where two paths meets and head towards one direction. It is the muster point, a strong anchor, a save haven. It is the gathering of those tired of discord; it is the place for agreement.


I am the Medium of the path-ways, the avatar of the kindred spirits – the Human spirit. I am the voice of change garnished with truth, the arm of justice strengthened with mercy. I am build with logic because I am possessed of the spirits of the universe. I hear the voice of evolution and reckon with the forces behind it. I wait day and night at the place where the paths meet. I receive the travelers in search of truth.

At the confluence point of all thoughts, where I have made my abode. I setup my workshop to which I invite you all. There, we will beat down every sword into ploughshare, rebuild the wall of peace we’ve long destroyed. There we will connect with whom we truly are – our inner self…at the place where all good paths leads.