The Paris Attacks: Understanding Islam

Source: The Paris Attacks: Understanding Islam


Prince Charming

Joseph of the rusty metallic coat…

Do not laugh at me, daughters of Egypt
Do not mock me
It’s true I wear shackles
And not bangles
So true, I was bought for twenty shekels
But deep within me, I’m a Prince
I may wear a rusty metal coat of bondage
And not your dream shinning armour
I may be holding a staff
And not yielding a flaming sword
I may be leading a flock
And not commanding the ranks
But what you don’t know is –
Portiphar’s house is the potter’s place
I’m only being moulded
I’m only being shaped

Do not jeer at me, daughters of Egypt
Do not look down on me
It’s true that I live in the prison
So true that I’m an inmate
But I’m truly meant for the palace
I may wear rags and do the drainage jobs
And not appear the white collared, pen holding dream of yours
I may labour all day for no pay
And not look like your ideal man that makes it rain all day
But what you don’t know is –
The prison is a quarry site
I’m only being chiselled
I’m only being notched

Do not be bewildered, daughters of Egypt
Do not stare at me in awe
I am the same Joseph you know
Joseph the young slave boy
Yes, Joseph the prisoner…
I am now your Prime Minister
And I’m not fit for just any woman
I wear the King’s emblem
And I’m not least of the royal bloods.
While I learnt my lessons – you scorned
While I was in the making – you mocked
Sorry you missed your chance
Sorry you played the wrong card
I came off the potter’s wheel ready
I left the quarry site refined
Now I am to pick my Bride
And even Pharaoh knows –
Only Asenath would do.

from ‘Songs of Yesteryears’ by Yinka Amao