While We Breed Like Rabbits

In civilized climes, plans are being made for sustainable living. Accurate projection of population 10 years from now or even more is been made and plans are put in place for generations yet unborn. Meanwhile in the banana republic that is ours we keep breeding like rabbits and blaming other countries for our predicaments.

The government of the United Kingdom is planning to deport about 29, 000 Nigerians whom she tag illegal immigrants and as usual our government and its people have reacted with a tantrum. A distinguished Senator while addressing the issue in the Senate alleged that the illegal immigrants have in one way or the other contributed to the economy of the U.K. and so the U.K. should not deport them. Say what?! Just what do they smoke at the National Assembly? Yea, the U.K government wants these Nigerian geniuses to go home and help build the Nigerian economy the way they have built the U.K. economy.

while we breed like rabbits

Instead of brainstorming on policies that will keep our youths at home and stop the brain drain plaguing us, our National Assembly is working out a way to beg big sister U.K. Where is the soul of this Nation? The worst form of deceit is self-deceit. We must checkmate our population growth and accelerate development in every sphere. Common country folks! It’s the 21st century fa! You cannot just leave the number of children, birth control, economic policies to the ‘god factor,’ forces of nature or whatever you call it. It’s just not done like that.

And this also applies to other African countries. Some weeks ago, the Republic of Zambia announced that she would be holding a day of prayer and fasting for her weak currency and to boost the economy. Why do we have clueless idiots at the helm of affairs? How did we degenerate to this state? It is very simply, ok? No economy was, is or can be built via fasting and prayer.

It is enough that the world mocks us; it is totally unbearable when we mock ourselves. The world is moving and living us behind, no one will move us; we have to move ourselves. If we continue this trend our children yet unborn will curse us. How is it that we don’t make long term plans? There is more to life than wearing imported clothes and riding fairly used vehicles (I careless that they are London used). Just where is our pride as a people? About a month ago, I was in a church and the Pastor while praying (in Yoruba) said ‘A dog cannot subdue a lion, a black man cannot outwit a white man, a white man cannot outwit god. I declare this month, your enemies shall not subdue you in Jesus’ name!’ and the deluded congregation chorused ‘Amen!’ Some of those educated fools will hit the internet air space upon hearing about the U.K. government’s deportation plan to curse and call all white people racist. How do you accuse the West of racism when our leaders and clergies have registered it in our sub-consciousness that we are inferior?

We have problems and we must so admit; we must stop living in self-denial. Our borders are porous and we want to fight insurgence? Our population is growing at supersonic rate while development is dragging behind like a snail but yet we want to attain the millennium development goal; we want to be prosperous as a nation; we want to live sustainably; we want a better Nigeria for our children. These are lofty aspirations and they are beyond the realms of wishful thinking. I suggest a comprehensive government policy and legislation to control our population. Now don’t tell me how your religious scripts admonishes you to give birth to children you cannot nurse, this is a matter of national interest, it will be lovely if you leave your faith out of it. We must also gear our energy towards job creation to ground our flying children, common sense so demands.


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