How I came by…

Like the millet chaff
Tossed here and there by the wind
I came by
Finally finding a fitting hollow to settle…
Like the flood after the rain
I find my course to the river
To begin a new flow again…
Like a young tree
After surviving a turbulent stormy night
Bowing to the wind
I raise my head at dawn to greet the sun…
Like the moon
After sleeping all day
I wake at twilight to work all night…
Like a guard
On a watchtower
I long all night
Waiting for the day to come…
Like a child patiently waiting
For the ice cream vendor
I salivate over the thought
Of the flavour over and over…
Like an eagle
Soaring above the wind
Ruling the skies
I spread my wings in dominance…
Like a superior specie
I outnumber others
Spreading like a virus across the fields…
Like footballers on the pitch
I take my post alongside others
To achieve same goal…
Like the Grim reaper
Knowing no rest
Taking young and old
I continue my endless quest…
Like when X is infinity
I get lost in endless thought
Rotating, revolving and evolving
Like the earth in endless space…
I keep trying to make sense of this vanity…
While praying for my eternity.
This is how I came by…
This is how I always come by.


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